A desk knife that dares to be different


Inspired by the Japanese Kiridashi, but with a design that looks nothing like the original, the Craighill Desk Knife is daringly unique, so much so that it looks like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Just over five inches long and slightly thicker than a half inch, Craighill’s Desk Knife has the proportions of a chunky metal pen, but comes with truncations on its sides to reveal a Kiridashi-style blade where the two truncations taper off. This makes the Desk Knife an absolute treat to hold, as it fits beautifully into one’s grip, and even to maneuver, making for a handy, and suave looking letter opener, box cutter, or scalpel-style paper cutter. Graceful, tasteful, and practical, the Craighill Desk Knife looks and feels remarkably unique, with a design that’s oh-so-simple but equally breath-taking!

Designer: Craighill

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