Half elegant, half edgy, fully electric

Streamlined and aerodynamic from front to end, the Ethec Electric Motorcycle’s body transitions wonderfully from headlamp to the tail, rarely breaking form anywhere in the middle. It is below this elegantly flowy body, where the Ethec begins looking like the serious beast it is.

Aerodynamic on the top and aggressively blocky at the base, the Ethec’s aesthetic has a duality that some might find incredibly alluring. Designed by 16 engineering and design students, the Ethec Electric Motorbike sports a massive 15kWh battery that gives it a stunning 250-mile range. Its mammoth of a Li-ion battery system is backed by a sophisticated air and oil cooling system that promises to keep the two-wheeler at peak performance for years to come. The bike comes with a two-wheel drive, and regenerative braking that actually powers the battery while you’re slowing down, or while your bike’s going downhill, leading to its impressive range.

The motorbike’s styling is a very well balanced combination between flair and function. The sinewy upper body gives it its aerodynamism and elegance, while the base sports the cooling fins that help keep the battery at a desired temperature. It even sports an asymmetric mount on the front which holds the motorbike’s 7-inch dashboard display, along with unusual and eye-catching downward hanging rear-view mirrors. The Ethec is currently in its prototype stages, but hopefully not for long!

Designer: Ethec








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