Can drone aesthetics apply to cars or vice-versa?


Drones don’t quite have a ‘visual language’ set yet. Some look like books that open up to become drones (take the Hovercam, for instance), others have four distinct legs, with propellers mounted on them (like the DJI Phantom), and some come with a relatively small, boxy design that folds down and fits into a bag, or even to the underside of your phone… so no, drones don’t have a distinctly streamlined visual language yet, so what about borrowing from another automotive category?

The DJI Mavic Car pretty much reverses that statement, by looking at the design of the Mavic drone and trying to see a four-wheeled vehicle in it. DJI’s products boast of a spectacular performance, but aren’t unified by a brand design language. Take the Mavic’s rather sporty exterior for example… it makes for quite a nice car design, with the spoiler on the drone literally translating into a spoiler for the car. The flight sensors on the drone are also positioned exactly where the car’s headlamps would be, resulting in a car that looks like a natural evolution of the drone’s design. I wonder if any other drone visual designs could be integrated into automobiles…!

Designer: Robert Kovacs