A Swiss multi-tool for outdoor dining!


Baladeo’s Outdoor Cutlery Kit ensures you have all your campsite dining equipment right in one place. Designed like a Swiss Multitool, the cutlery set comes with a detachable spoon and knife, a bottle opener, corkscrew, knife, can opener, and a screw-driver. Made in stainless steel with a rather neat looking frosted ABS handle. Everything gets stored rather wonderfully in a singular form factor, making it incredibly convenient to carry on outdoor trips.

While most EDC multitools focus on manual labor, allowing you to cut, shear, shred, ignite, tighten/loosen, etc., the Baladeo Outdoor Cutlery Kit has different priorities. It puts all your dining equipment in the palm of your hand so once you’re done cutting, shearing, shredding, or igniting, you can sit down for a wonderful meal in the outdoors… and maybe crack open a few beers or pop a bottle of wine!

Designer: Baladeo

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