The Nobe is 100% electric car, 75% wheels!

Technically classified as a trike (a contraction of the word tricycle), the Nobe 100 electric trike looks retro and feels futuristic. With an aesthetic that’s definitely classic and an outlook that’s modern, eco-friendly, and downright clever, the Nobe 100 is made from 100% reusable or recyclable parts, produces no air pollution at all, houses upgradable technology to enhance vehicle longevity, decentralises the production process and accommodates three people but takes us far less road space than a regular automobile.

The mind behind the Nobe 100 is Roman Muljar. Wanting to create a car that is the automotive equivalent of a Swiss Watch, i.e., long-lasting and forever stylish, Roman looked toward the talent within his country of Estonia to create a three-wheeled car with all the makings of a classic 4-wheeled drive, but the visual quirks and spatial benefits of a trike.

The choice of making a trike actually has its own benefits. The Nobe boasts of an incredibly tight turning circle, fits smaller parking spaces and even delivers great handling (thanks to an all-wheel drive) and stability, while offering superior grip and performance compared to two or four wheelers. With a top speed of 68 mph and a range of 137 miles on a full charge, the Nobe 100 charges completely within two hours and even comes with an additional battery.

The Nobe 100 is a wonderfully designed car with a wonderful philosophy behind it. Made to look wonderfully unique (I still can’t get enough of that tapered tail), the Nobe 100 benefits the driver, with the way it runs like a dream, benefits the immediate environment by occupying lesser space on and off the road, and eventually the planet, or our larger environment, by not just cutting down on emissions, but also being easy to repair and upgrade, allowing one car to happily serve and delight you for decades!

Designer: Roman Muljar (Nobe)










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