Electric Sport Utility

The Exploder II has a four wheel drive system where each wheel uses the Michelin Active Wheel technology and an individual electric motor that controls the vehicle direction linked to the steering wheel by a wireless system. The Michelin Active wheels toe-in to allow the vehicle to rotate about a pivot point that is located at the center of the vehicle. This in combination with its lightweight chassis make it an unstoppable ESUV.

The Exploder II also focuses its material composition on ease of production, recyclability, and lightweight efficiency.  The main body is made of stretched lightweight tensile fabric with integrated thin film solar panels on a tubular structure made of thermoplastic composite materials that collect supplemental energy from the sun. These materials are tougher, lighter, and stiffer, which allow it to easily reach high-speeds with small energy consumption and perform better in the event of a collision.

Designer: Cristian Polanco