This tarp-based wheelbarrow is all kinds of awesome!

Allsop’s Wheeleasy cleverly redesigns the wheelbarrow to be much more than that. Aside from the fact that it folds flat to be stored easily, the Wheeleasy is also great to load things onto, because it spreads flat on the floor. Load grass, hay, rocks, planters, or pretty much anything you want onto its flat vinyl-coated nylon tarpaulin and lift the handles up. The Wheeleasy works exactly like any normal wheelbarrow, but with a flexibility brought about by the tarp that feels potentially game-changing. Loading and unloading items have never been easier, besides with its tarp construction, everything you load onto the Wheeleasy always stays at the center, making sure your wheelbarrow never gets disbalanced or topples over. Once done using the marvel that is the Wheeleasy, it has one more trick up its sleeve. It collapses into a flat frame that you can easily store either horizontally or vertically without occupying the kind of space a traditional wheelbarrow would!

Designer: Allsop

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