Get Touchy Feely With Time

Although the blind will not be able to appreciate the simplistic style of Feel the Time, the practical approach of the design will be well received. The watch face features rotating discs with a tangible nub on each. Feeling the nub helps the blind read the time. Three−dimensional rings distinguish the discs from each other and a flexible membrane protects the face of the watch. A break at the 12’O Clock position acts as the guide for feeling the time accurately. Sight or no sight, the watch will look neat on any wrist.

Designer: Anna Bieniek


  • S.K. says:

    good idea

    • Ferran says:

      Nice Design. I won a Watchcelona Design Award back in 2005 for a watch with exactly the same functional concept. You can take a look in my coroflot portfolio.

      • Ferran says:

        In fact I was second in the award. My apologies for the winner because I said I won and I actually did not, that is what I wanted to…

  • Victor Assis says:

    I’m pretty sure I have seen this before. Not sure where, though.

    • confucius says:

      I would say it has styling cues from Marc Newsons mystery clock for pod.

  • I’ve did this design before…I called it Tact, but not the same color, and material! and i’m sure the administartor of yanko seen it! 😉

    Looks nice in black!

  • derf says:

    where could the blind people read hour and minutes ???

    • Jeremiah says:


      The blind people wouldn’t “read” it, they are blind for a reason. But I know you meant, how would they be able to tell the time?

      They use the three nubs with the one placed on the outer most ring as a guide. The middle one for the minutes, and the inner most nub for the hour. It’s prtty smart.

      My suggestion though would be to make it so that there was a nub at every 3 hour point on the outer most ring and make the 12 o’clock nub feel different for the rest to more acurately read the time and maybe even help read the time faster I would assume. I don’t know though, but it’s a great concept. First time I’ve seen it, thats for sure 😛 I love this sight 🙂

      • derf says:

        i don’t know what’s the problem with “read” ?

        blind people could’nt read something ?

        i see only one nub to indicate minutes or hours (but how to know if it’s 20 minutes or 25 minutes) if you don’t have nubs for every five minutes .

  • cerberus says:

    very simliar in look to a watch that used to be availble from toykoflash (it seems to have been discontinued though )

    i have always thought a watch you could tell the time from by feel would be a great idea – no more obvious “clock watching” in meetings or while someone is talking to you…. just an unobtrusive quick feel and you know !

  • Paul says:

    I really love the idea / styling but the body being offset from the strap bug’s my OCD a little, I think it’s because all the other aspects of it are so perfect, clean and neatly arranged.

  • Kim says:

    My husband, who is blind, would love this watch. His current braille watch has four markings, one for each quarter hour. He does indeed read, by the way.

  • Rono says:

    It’s a great design. Love the black.

  • Pritam says:

    Looks good.Where we can get this watch ?is this in the market for sale.I am looking one for my blind daughter.

  • Wright2001 says:

    I teach blind/visually impaired students in TX. My caseload this year is all high school students. I would love to get them these watches. Where or when can we get them?

  • Vivien Palcic says:

    Actually, we (ie blind people) do read… Braille, and proudly!!! BTW, where is this watch available? The Braille watches which have been available for years would more accurately be described as tactile watches, as they do simply have raised dots/markings around the dial (not Braille as such), with a vertical line or sometimes 2 or 3 dots at 12 o’clock and 2 dots at 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock, and a dot for the other numbers.

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