A case/stand that multi-tasks, like your iPad!


The remarkable Tilt not only serves as a beautiful case for the iPad Pro 9.7″ and the Apple Pen, it also doubles up as stand, quite like Capra’s iPhone Wallet/Case/Stand. Made from felt, a material that feels great to the touch as well as wonderfully protects the iPad (periodically cleaning the screen too!), the Tilt case/stand comes with a leather flap and 4 fasteners (don’t worry, they don’t touch the iPad). The interesting bit is that the fasteners double up as a lip against which one can rest the iPad, folding the felt case into a prop-up stand that lets you rest the iPad at a slight angle, perfect for placing on your lap as well as on a desk. What’s more, the case fits the Pencil in as well, which rests against the width of the iPad perfectly. A well-crafted product with a premium feel and absolutely clever thinking!

Designer: Hardgraft