A road rage ender?


From red light to red light, you never quite know how long you’ll be waiting for the green! This concept by Alexander Sheremeta proposes a countdown so drivers know exactly how long they’ve got whether they’re moving or stopped. The result is safer intersections because both drivers and pedestrians are more prepared to stop or go!

Designer: Alexander Sheremeta


  • Howard says:

    Well, similar (but the numbers are not intergrated into the lights) are already pretty common in Taiwan.

  • Mark says:

    In the UK, and I expect elsewhere, there is an additional phase in the sequence. Red and amber together indicates that green will shortly follow. This has the advantage that it can use existing lights, making it very cheap to retrofit.

    The late Peter Sellars made fun of this in a recording: “Green, amber, red, red and amber, and back to green. The nightlife is awakening”.

  • Denis says:

    There already long time in Russia street lights with countdown. I think this concept is targeted on aesthetic tasks. The common street light looks like this – http://dozor.kharkov.ua/content/documents/11404/1140352/thumb-big-280×210-aebb.jpg

    3 color LED matrix which change light – countdown – pedestrian logo itself.

  • Slugsie says:

    The only thing that this seems good for is encouraging drivers to jump the lights and thus cause more accidents.

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