SOLIDteknics has a Super-secret Process for their Multi-century Cookware

From the perspective of an industrial designer, I find what SOLIDteknics have done rather ground-breaking. Their revolutionary line of cookware is designed to stay strong and last long, and does so with lesser parts than what you’d normally find on the market. In fact what I’m still trying to wrap my head around is their manufacturing process, something shrouded in absolute secrecy.

Each SOLIDteknic pan is completely unibody, stamped from a single piece of metal, and then formed (this is their secret bit) into a pan. The result is a seamless utensil that’s one single part, from pan to handle, with no rivets or external polymer handles. The SOLIDteknics pans (the nöni series) therefore last infinitely longer (resisting breakage one usually experiences with riveted handles) and stay cleaner too, since there are no gaps (between product parts) for dirt, grime, or residual food to get into. In fact, so confident are the people at SOLIDteknics that they put a multi-century guarantee on each pot, claiming that like the bone-china set your great-grandmother handed down to your generation, the nöni pans will last long enough to be perceived as an heirloom item too.

The challenge with a single-piece utensil is always trying to achieve what multiple parts do. The pan must cook well, so it’s formed from a different material and has a different manufacturing process. The handle must be easy to grip, secure, and shouldn’t transfer the heat from the pan onto the holder’s hands, so the handles have a different material and a different production process. Merging everything into a single piece is therefore quite a complex task. The nöni’s single piece construction, however, doesn’t inhibit its performance or ease-of-use. The pan is made with a thick base that conducts heat very quickly, working on traditional gas and electric stoves, but also on magnetic induction cooktops, and even in ovens. The heat gets dissipated around the area where the pan stops and the handle begins, thanks to the cutouts, which also allow the pan’s handle to be formed in a 3D shape, making sure the steel doesn’t bend at that particular stress point. It also ensures your hands have something grippy to hold onto, rather than having to grab a heavy pan by a flat handle.

Pioneered and perfected in Australia (the holy-grail country for everything culinary) before bringing manufacturing to America, SOLIDteknics’nöni is completely made in the Chicago using American non-nickel ferritic stainless steel, and like its Australian counterpart, comes stamped at the end of the handle with the shape of America. You can choose between 8″ and 11″ pans and flat skillets that also double up as pan lids, and rest assured fully assured that with their multi-century guarantee, these pans will be the very last ones you buy.

Designer: Mark J. Henry

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Full set of 3 new nöni USA pans: 8″ Sauté pan, 11″ Sauté pan, 11″ Flat Skillet-lid.


Left: nöni™ 8″ saute pan
Right: nöni™ 11″ saute pan


nöni™ 11″ skillet-lid





nöni™ 8″ saute pan


nöni™ 11″ saute pan


nöni™ 11″ skillet-lid


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