This Rose-Gold and White Gimbal-operated camera stabilizes your videos with style!

We’ve come to really expect rather wonderful concepts from the mind of Yash Gupte, and the Manouvre is surely one of them. Designed as a 3-axis stabilized action-camera made appropriately for influencers and vloggers, the Manouvre sits at the intersection of tech and style. Its body sports a pretty large f3.2 portrait camera lens mounted on a sleek 3-axis arm, ensconced in rose-gold and white.

The Manouvre looks less like a camera and more like a fashion accessory, as it should. Designed for people who want to capture the wondrous world around them, the gimbal-camera looks like a part of the set, rather than a behind-the-scenes gizmo. The gimbal can be operated via a button near the grip, and you can toggle recording on/off using a red button on the camera’s body. The Manouvre even comes with its own circular display on the back, allowing you to cycle through features, get updates on your recording format, and even preview recordings by using the screen as a viewfinder. The lens features a knurled grip, which makes me wonder whether the gimbal camera has manual focus control (sounds like a very interesting feature), but alas, the Manouvre exists only as a concept, so there’s no real way of finding out. I’ve got to say though, the form language and that deadly color-combo is DEFINITELY working in this handheld gimbal-camera’s favor, don’t you think?

Designer: Yash Gupte (Wacko Designs)