Putting your healthcare back in your hands


Named after the Greek god of healing, the Apollo is a household point-of-care health monitoring system that makes big promises. Providing accurate health monitoring for all, in a manner that enables one to constantly observe and monitor your vitals, allowing you to be more actively involved and responsible for your healthcare.

It promises accessible equitable care regardless of one’s background or social status, while allowing you to maintain records of your medical history, making diagnostic and prognostic efforts easier for the medical industry. The Apollo replicates a pathology lab as it houses multiple sensing technologies to provide an all-round diagnostics for general healthcare parameters. With a system that analyzes immediate weather conditions and calibrates itself to provide consistent readings throughout, the Apollo can perform a complete scan of all your vitals using a complex set of biosensors that are designed to be compatible with all testing strips, giving freedom to the user to select strips and majorly reducing the cost of healthcare delivery.

Medical records are stored on the Apollo as well as synced to the cloud, allowing hospitals and medical professionals to easily access the readily available data instead of spending time performing tests, speeding up the healthcare process dramatically. Aside from that, it also creates a much more self-sufficient system in its microchip-based Healthcard, letting you possess a medical-history-passport of sorts that acts like your healthcare identity and can be conveniently carried around with you… effectively putting your medical data and healthcare “in your hands”.

Designer: Rishabh Patni