Distraction-free Working


From time-to-time we all require an environment that is free from the distractions that may be present in the environment surrounding us, in order to allow us to concentrate on our work. The SecretArea is a faultless solution to this need and one which carries a visually interesting aesthetic.

Integrated into the cocoon-like screen that surrounds the user is an intuitive and dynamic organizational system; pens, cables, phones, notepads and many more items can be stored easily by wedging them between the gaps in the cushioned surface. Hidden seamlessly in the front façade of the desk is a duo of draws, this keeps the desk clutter-free and pushes the possible distraction of a phone slightly further away.

A workspace with a form as visually striking as this is always going to become a feature in the room, so the designer decided to amplify the aesthetics further by using a vibrant color. It certainly makes a statement!

Designer: Ivan Goran Žunar