A Speaker for the Fashion-Conscious


If you were to search ‘speaker’ into any design website, it would soon return a multitude of speaker designs, but CARABINER goes beyond being just another Bluetooth speaker.

Taking its inspiration heavily from conventional and often utilitarian carabiners, its most obvious and striking design feature is the thin tube which surrounds the speaker. This ‘carabiner’ allows the speaker to be easily hooked onto your bag or other belongings; by doing so it becomes more than a Bluetooth speaker, it becomes a fashion accessory.

Designed to resemble a speaker as little as possible, the front face features no perforation or fabric, yet CARABINER is still able to boast 360° sound. While the form was a very important factor for this product, the usability hasn’t been compromised; the small module where the carabiner secures is home to the power and volume controls. You’d be forgiving for thinking this was a fashion accessory as opposed to a Bluetooth speaker!

Designer: Hyunseok Kang