The Universe’s Smallest Bifold

The Micro Wallet answers the question, “How much can you truly achieve with minimalism?”. Its answer is, “Quite a bit!”. Designed to be the thinnest and lightest wallet we’ve ever seen, the Micro Wallet is just 2.3mm thick, is durable, waterproof, eco-friendly, comes with space for 8 cards and cash, and even integrates RFID protection. It also acts as a canvas for art, featuring the works of artists all around the globe, making it (also) much more fun than your traditional leather, fabric, or even your contemporary metal card-holder/money-clip.

Fashioned out of Tyvek (a material that’s seen itself get used everywhere from postal envelopes to shoe design, to even use during the Space Shuttle program), the wallet manages to achieve everything you’d expect out of a bifold, but at a mere fraction of the weight and thickness. At just 2.3mm thick (that’s just 0.3mm thicker than a card), the Micro Wallet can fit cash and up to 8 cards together, and still be thin enough to sit in your pocket without giving you the pocket-bump that you’d get with a leather wallet.

Tyvek offers some noteworthy physical properties. It’s virtually tear-proof, durable/expandable, light, water resistant, and most importantly, eco-friendly. Another property of Tyvek is its ability to be printed on. Paper-thin, Tyvek doesn’t just act as a wallet’s material but also as a canvas for your fashion statement. Designed in collaboration with artists from all around the world, the Micro Wallet features seamless artwork all around it. Treating the wallet as not just a storage device, but also a canvas for art, the Micro Wallet gives the wallet its true status of a fashion accessory, allowing you to express a style, as you would with your attire.

It’s quite remarkable how much the Micro Wallet can do with its minimalist approach. Designed with the capabilities of a regular bi-fold wallet, the Micro Wallet is just a size and material cut-back, and not a functional one. Waterproof, tear-proof, and RFID secure, the Micro Wallet is unquestionably as good as the wallet you currently have. At just a fraction of the thickness (and price), and surrounded with incredible art that’s definitely worth showing off, the Micro Wallet is perhaps better than the wallet you currently have!

Designer: Paperwallet

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Click here to Buy Now: $20.00