Wake Up Little Suzie

Aphelion is this concept alarm clock that has a unique snooze function. When the alarm goes off, a ball flies off its cradle to across the room. This also triggers the snooze function. So in essence if you get up and retrieve the ball and place it in its cradle, it’s not like switching off the alarm. It’s like activating the snooze, so in case you hit the sack again, the ball will be triggered off after 10 minutes or so. You need to manually turn off the alarm switch. I only hope the ball is made of soft sponge so as not to damage anything. Cool FM Radio and neat design by your bedside!

Designer: Corey Harris

Aphelion - Alarm Clock Redesign by Corey Harris




  • nchmel says:

    Not very original idea – you can buy clocks like that on many gadget sites. Cool design though, reminds me of Logitech Air mouse.

  • Victor Assis says:

    The niciest thing will be when by chance you get up 30 seconds before the alarm goes off, pretty dizzy, and as you stretch, the steel ball(that’s the material represented) cracks your head open. Really cool!

  • p says:

    sweet sketches. It’s nice to see some on here.

  • Ed says:

    Reminds me of the alarm clock that shot 4 puzzle pieces into the air when the alarm went off.

  • Ja says:

    oops, my eye!!

  • K says:

    it has to be a crazy ball bouncing here n there..by the time you catch it you are no more sleepy..

  • Adam says:

    Nice visuals… but why are the controls behind the device?

  • beni says:

    There was a cooler version of this, i remember it was a clock that had 4 puzzle pieces come out and you had to get all four pieces to turn it off

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