This Seamless Kitchen Knife is a Work of Ergonomics and Art!

Streamlined, ergonomic, and with a silhouette that’s memorable, almost like a brand logo, the Achilles Knife is powerful, but unlike its namesake, shows no point of weakness. Made from a single piece of German stainless steel, the Achilles is blade and handle, all in one. Following a quite unique form factor whether viewed from the side or the top, the Achilles was designed to be an all-purpose chef knife that could be used to chop, slice, and dice any type of food, under any circumstances, and be handled equally effectively whether held with a wet or dry hand.

The German Design Award-winning Achilles knife has an unusual design that looks quite characteristic. Made from a single piece of steel, this unibody knife has a thin, sharp blade that gradually grows thicker near the handle. Look at the top view of the blade and you’ll see the transition that allows the blade to have mass and weight, allowing you to grip it firmly and control the blade with ease. It also sports finger grooves along the bottom for an ergonomic grip, and a hole at the hilt of the blade that reduces the overall weight of the knife, while also giving you much more control by allowing you to slip a finger into it to get a better grip when you’ve got a wet hand. It also gives the Achilles a sort of signature look, that would allow people to identify the blade and the brand by just looking at its silhouette. The blade of the Achilles comes with a nano-coating and liquid nitrogen treatment, for sharpness and durability that’s difficult to rival.

While the Achilles is an all-purpose knife, it also comes as a part of a collection of three. Aside from the Achilles all-purpose, you’ve got a smaller paring knife, rather ideal for cutting and peeling small fruits, etc. You’ve also got a serrated-edged bread knife that cleanly slices through loaves. Along with the set of knives, you’ve also got a wooden stand that lets you put them on display, because aside from being instruments of a rather artistic profession, the knives are works of art themselves too!

Designer: UBUTT Design for Sternsteiger

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The blade of Achilles is formed like a traditional western all-purpose Chef’s knife. It is ideal for all kinds of chopping, slicing, and dicing.


The Achilles handle is uniquely shaped and fits perfectly into your hand to provide the best possible grip even if your hands or the knife itself is wet.


The most noticeable feature of Achilles is the hole in its handle. It is a point that provides balance and grip to the knife. The hole sits at the knives point of balance and allows you to put a finger into it for optimal pressure distribution while cutting.


The full Achilles knife series.



Click here to Buy Now: $125.00 $305.00 FLASH SALE, only for 24 hours!