Turn your smartphone into a real polaroid!

How often do you scroll through your camera roll to relive your moments from the past? Rarely I bet. That’s the problem with digital storage. Stuff gets lost in the binary code… because with unlimited digital storage on the cloud, you now click a thousand pictures, edit just three, and probably post just one online. Then the moment disappears into oblivion, after two days of gathering likes and hearts and retweets.

The Kiipix helps turn those digital captures into tangible memories that you can place on your desk, or hang on your wall. The ingenious bit, however, is that you don’t need a polaroid, or a printer, or even an electronic device. Just your phone. Open the Kiipix up and place your phone, with the image you choose, on top (make sure your phone’s screen brightness is optimally set). Then place a piece of instant-developing polaroid paper in the paper slot of the Kiipix and press the shutter button. The Kiipix cleverly uses the phone’s screen brightness to burn the image you’ve selected on the polaroid paper. Easy, and just unbelievably smart, the Kiipix gives you prints of your photos (with a nice vintage touch) using the camera you use and love the most. Your smartphone camera!

Designer: TOMY International

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