A Nokia with a Notch

The latest from smartphone super-enthusiast Hege, the NOKIA X isn’t the most technologically advanced or most sleek and minimalistic smartphone concept out there. However, it does have a cute little notched screen and one spiffy feature that I wouldn’t mind seeing implemented on other designs.

An integrated micro-LED on the top-front of the screen serves as a notification alert so you can glance down or across the room when your phone is on silent to see if you’ve received any messages, calls or other important items. You can even customize it to alert to only specific alerts so you remain undistracted by notifications that aren’t pertinent.

Designer: Hege


Other features besides the accent light include a 5.7 inch edge-to-edge screen while the beveled backside provides greater grip. Other specs include:

– Front/Rear Facing Cameras
– Dual LED Flash
– Photographic Light Sensors
– Fingerprint Reader
– Removable Battery
– USB Type-C
– Headphone Jack
– Stereo Speakers