A loveseat that leaves you no reason to get up until you want to hit the bed

 A sofa has come of age from being the white elephant in a living room to allow the space to be used as an additional guest room in the apartment. Convertible sofas that deliver convenience, alter effortlessly back into a comfortable sofa after the guest has had a good night’s sleep on it.

Transforming sofas or couches with built-in storage provide the convenience of usage in addition to storage to put the bedding or PJs out of sight. But what if you are an anthophile; how can your couch give you that additional space to shower your love for the greens? Well, you need a sofa that is called the Cask!

Designer: Ricardo Sá

The first time I read that, before sharing it with you, I thought the couch would be reusing wood from a cask as we know it. It turns out, the sofa is far from that but a crafty rendition of a modern-day couch for an apartment that loves to remain systematized: looking ship-shape and vibrant.

To that accord, the well-upholstered sofa finds open storage space on the front and a shelf on the back to allow homeowners to store and display anything from books and magazines to plants and accessories. What really adds up flair to the loveseat, if I may, is the naked arms on either side, which function as the side table to place your coffee mug or a phone when your eyes a fixated on the television screen.

The bespoke Cask sofa is designed with the idea, as designer Ricardo believes, to “give people plenty of room for storage and spot to put down their coffee,” without compromising the aesthetics of a room even slightly. If you love spending time on the couch with your partner (or by yourself), the Cask ensures you can have all the necessary things around you, without cluttering the center table. How I wish Ricordo considers a power socket somewhere on the Cask and I would never leave this baby ideal.