HD projector merges with a ceiling lamp and a built-in smart speaker, creating a space-saving entertainment centre

And now I’m wondering, why didn’t someone think of this before?

Brands have gone crazy innovating and designing projectors: 4k projectors, laser projectors, pocket projectors, short throw projectors, the list is endless. While being through all these variants, I’m not sure why someone didn’t choose the option to embed a projector into a lighting unit in the ceiling so it could project without hindrance? XGIMI for some reason was struck by the idea and the company has churned out the innovative projector, which I’m not sure how convincing it is in performance, but it certainly has me floored by its ceiling-worthy functionality.

Born out of thought above the rest; the XGIMI Magic Lamp is designed to function as a projector, a ceiling light, and a Bluetooth speaker all-in-one. The ceiling-mounted full HD (1,920 x 1,080) DLP projection system has its own 8W Harman Kardon speaker built-in. The smart speaker is compatible with voice assistant, supports Dolby Audio and DTS Virtual X, and helps in creating immersive theatre-esque experiences. Onboard is also a LED room lamp; this dimmable lamp features 176 LED mood lights.

Designer: XGIMI

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The XGIMI Magic Lamp is currently on sale in China for 7,999 yuan (roughly $1,100). For the ones in Europe willing to shell out their dosh for this interesting ceiling projector; XGIMI is expected to showcase it at the IFA 2022 in Berlin next month. Before you make up your mind, here is a little about the projector’s ability. Capable of a 0.71 transmittance ratio, the Magic Lamp can project a 100-inch picture in 1080p resolution from 1.5 meters away. The projector delivers a very modest 900ANSI lumens of brightness, which should be fine if you have a closed room with little natural light.

XGIMI Magic Lamp for its projection prowess is powered by a MediaTek quad-core processor, and an AI engine supported by 4GB of RAM and 32 gigs of onboard storage. The internal storage ensures you can install a few streaming apps to play content when you want. Even if the XGIMI Magic Lamp is not the best projector, it is a capable multifunction device, which will by virtue of this placement in the ceiling ensure there are no shadows on the screen as people move about in the room!