Wallet-sized wallet-friendly drone kit!

Drones. They get more portable each year, with the professional ones being able to fit into a backpack, and some even onto a phone case. The Wallet Drone, however, is so small, it’s smaller than the wing-span of most drones. In fact, designed to be the most portable kit ever, the drone and the controller both literally fit into your pocket!

The way the Wallet Drone is packaged is a design engineer’s dream. The controller comes with a lid that opens up to reveal the drone docked right inside it. The drone and controller both run on 4 AA batteries, and when the drone docks in the controller, it gets charged by the same set of batteries! The mini quadcopter comes with 3 speeds, pre-programmed for your desired level of flight sensitivity, and 6-Axis Gyro-Stabilization that keeps the drone stable. It even has its own pre-programmed “trick mode” that lets it to flips and barrel rolls.

The controller itself is a thing of marvel too. It comes with four buttons and two joypads that have detachable pads (that you can store the controller). The result of this is a controller that holds everything inside it in a beautiful compact housing that you can slide into your back pocket like your wallet. And speaking of wallet, the Wallet Drone won’t empty yours. At just $35 (or $25 if you use the coupon code TENOFF), the Wallet Drone is the perfect backyard toy!

Designer: Aerix

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