Suzuki MOQBA e-bike quadruped robot can walk and climb stairs with ease

Step aside smart electric bikes, as Suzuki has its eyes set on the future of mobility with an e-scooter/bike that can climb stairs. Yes, you read it right. The MOQBA is not another concept design rendered by a budding digital artist who wants to catch the eye of big automotive manufacturers with a functional design. Rather, it is a proposed next-generation mobility ride for those who face difficulty in mobility.

Not a two-wheeled wonder, the MOQBA rides on four independent legs with wheel extensions. So, can it be called an electric mecha? Yes, it can be categorized as a mini mecha for the unexpected future.

Designer: Suzuki

The e-scooter wants to redefine the complexion of urban scootering with enhanced stability and agility to overcome obstacles for all-terrain mobility. In the bike configuration, MOQBA gets a conventional saddle which can morph into supporting seating when climbing up the stairs or moving ahead in the walking configuration. The walking ride can be configured in three different modes depending on the needs courtesy of the base chassis with attachments. These are Chair, Standing and Stretcher – giving the rider maximum flexibility in any good or bad situation.

Suzuki believes the mobility vehicle could be the ultimate solution for places that are inaccessible to conventional transportation. Even more so in the event of a calamity like flood or landslides when normal road conditions turn ugly. Under the current proposed design, Suzuki envisions the MOQBA to be capable enough of hauling small cargo or doing the carrying tasks after the supermarket spree. Just imagine, your car turning into a porter for your groceries, climbing up the stairs to your apartment!

Hyundai also showed off its larger-than-life walking robot concept dubbed TIGER, but Suzuki’s quadruped concept has a better prospect in real-life conditions. The robotic concept was announced for the Japan Mobility Show exhibits along with other interesting automotive designs. Whether we’ll get to see a life-life prototype version of this cool quadruped robot at the event is still not clear.