People who live in glass prefab cabins…


This cabin in the woods hides in plain sight, thanks to the use of one-way mirrors. Aptly named the Disappear Retreat, not only because it feels invisible, but it also helps you disappear for a while, the 83 sq.ft. retreat blends into any surrounding and leaves minimal impact on the environment.

The cabin comes with a near zero footprint, with a spotted thin-film PV in the south glass wall that’s capable of harnessing solar energy to make sure the insides of the cabin are always temperate. Designed to be your bubble in the woods, the cabin is near-invisible to the human eye, although animals may be able to spot it (since the mirrors are coated with a UV coating, and animals see UV but we don’t), which can only be a good thing because you wouldn’t want reindeer colliding into your glass cabin.

The prefab cabin is large enough to easily accommodate 1-2 occupants and is absolutely remarkable on the inside, allowing you to literally surround yourself by the woods thanks to its one-way mirror construction. Even the skylight on top gives you a marvelous view of the starry skies as you immerse yourself in what might be just the most ultimate wanderlust experience!

Designer: Coulson