This EDC is your key to freedom

Introduce one, just one Evade Clip into any kidnapping movie and its outcome would be completely different. That’s because, just as its name suggests, the Evade Clip was designed to let you escape from virtually any scenario. Tied up by ropes? The Stainless Steel blade will cut through the toughest paracords. Trapped in a car? The clip comes with a carbide tip that can shatter most glass panes with a single strike. Locked in/out of a place? The Carbide rod will literally cut through metal padlocks and chains. How about door-locks? The Evade Clip even comes with a 3-piece lockpick set that can best any lock, if you choose.

Designed to fit easily into pockets, the Evade Clip is a literal key to freedom. In the unlikely event that you may need to escape, the Evade Clip provides you with potentially life-saving tools in an incredibly small form factor. It’s sometimes much easier to evade problems than to tackle them. The Evade Clip ensures you’ll have everything you need to get out of any sticky situation.

Designer: TIHK

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