The Blockchain Internet Bodyguard


Government surveillance… privacy attacks… cyber theft. All things you can live without right? Yet, we’re all still using antiquated routers that don’t protect us properly. Did you know that your router takes in every action you make online whether it’s ordering cleaning supplies or logging in to your bank account? So how do you protect you, your family and friends from cyber attacks? Introducing, Aleia – a next-generation router utilizing blockchain technology to protect your sensitive information and give you complete control and customization over your wifi and hot spots.

It tracks your internet activity and breaks down your history into chunks called blocks. Each block consists of your history over a specified period of time and can then start to be verified by millions of data points inside of the network. Every action you take is encrypted by a set of keys that are linked to your account, one private and one public. These encryption keys set up a sort of two-step verification for every action you take while using your wi-fi. Once the block is verified by the network, it becomes part of the linked chain of previous blocks and can no longer be changed or replicated within its structure.

Designers: Daniel Perry, Jorien Hopkins & Ranon Pritchard