This Bike Has Both Method and Madness


Usually when I hear the words “limited edition,” I am instantly provoked into thinking I should get it. It was only after setting my eyes upon the Method 143 bike by Arch Motorcycles that I realized I MUST HAVE IT. The unlikelihood of this has never been higher considering this progressively designed motorcycle will be limited to only 23 units. Undoubtedly the edgiest, boldest bike I’ve seen in quite a long time, the 143 is fiery and needs to be treated with the respect it deserves.

The Method 143 is the first concept production motorcycle featuring a carbon fiber mono-cell chassis. It’s hard not to admire the beautifully detailed craftsmanship of the bodywork here – the fine leather, carbon fiber, and artfully programmed CNC machined aluminum is nothing short of flawless and loudly showcases the love that ARCH Motorcycle has for two-wheelers. The front of this bike seems to hunch over, as though it’s ready for action, while the muscle shaped body of the 143 sits behind it, open for admiration as it shows off those gorgeous CNC machined lines, giving a sense of aerodynamic enhancement. ARCH has really outdone themselves here, and it shows. Bravo.

Designer: ARCH Motorcycle