Segway of the Sea

The Stingray is a single-rider watercraft designed for both recreational and humanitarian uses. The buoyant saddle and lever combination is driven by a pneumatic propulsion system that converts user generated energy into air flow, transmitting thrust directly into the water without the use of gears or electric circuits. Useful as a mobile flotation device for flood disasters or simply to enjoy a day out on the water!

Designer: Imran Othman


  • Christopher says:

    Oh how embarrassing. Flailing about, up to your neck & farting underwater. What’s wrong with this design – where to start: Let’s say I want 40kg of me out of the water, that means I need 40 recycled bottles, I see six in the picture. Ineffectual propulsion, there is nothing useful in this idea.

  • Arjen says:

    Great Idea! Unique and refreshing design and nice skillset too!

  • Eddd222 says:

    I agree with Christopher,

    If you are going to make a nice concept or design, than stop there.
    If you are going to dinclude technical details and claim it as feasible do more homework

    The floating part should be at least 10 times bigger to give it stability to make sure it is stable enough for you to pump the handle

    Pumping air through into the water is going to give you almost no thrust. It will however make it look like your farting in the water.

    If you want to pump water with this system and provide enough trust to go forward you need to be built like the hulk to be able to pump.

  • Vincente says:

    excellent! the design form carries ingenuity..

  • John says:

    There’s also the fact that your feet are underwater which creates significant drag

  • christopher says:

    I’m sorry Vincente, but where is the ingenuity in something that doesn’t work. Please explain how your “design for” carries a person.

  • Joecooldesign says:

    The only thing this will do is give you a very sore crotch. Totally useless.

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