Oh Just Grow A Light

This is kind of cool. It’s a lamp with the lighting filament shaped like a plant. The cord also acts as a support structure so it looks like the plant is growing out of the wall socket. So cool! I think they should take this concept a step further and make a chandelier that looks like sprawling vines. My only question is green; how environmentally sound is this? I mean, we’re all supposed to be moving away from incandescent lighting right?

Designer: Felix de Pass

PlugLight by Felix de Pass


  • Munch says:

    That’s absolutely awesome

  • Kruel says:

    Pretty cool. I wonder how long till it burns out though.

  • andres says:

    hello i want to know were i can buy this awsome ligth please tell me how or were i can buy it please

  • Thanks so much for this post! i have been hoping these would come back in style! They are similar to bulbs from the ’40s made by a company called Aerolux. Here are some of their old catalogs. And here is an interesting article on the originals. (Sometimes you can still find some on ebay if you search for Aerolux or figural bulb)

  • dom says:

    you can buy the bulbs at habitat

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