The Cleanest Design for Clean Teeth

The year 2018, we thought there would be flying cars, self-tightening shoes and so much more, yet we have an abundance of smart speakers and biometric data for every smart device. The latest product to go smart which may or may not need it is Colgate, with their Colgate Connect E1. Exclusively available only at Apple stores, this smart and sleek toothbrush is actually pretty cool.

This toothbrush certainly packs a punch, going ten days on a single charge, with a small rounded head to reach those hard to get corners of the mouth. It also has artificial intelligence embedded in the handle and automatic data uploading via Bluetooth wireless technology for a seamless pairing process. All this inside a pretty slim handle seems like a no-brainer honestly. As if that wasn’t enough, this little guy comes with an app that helps you map your mouth when brushing to ensure better brushing habits and how to get the best out of what you brush. Oh, and it also comes with games because who doesn’t like games right?

Designer: Colgate

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