Safe Journey at Night!

SafetyDistance is a solar powered road signs that line the outer edge of the highway. Their presence increases nighttime visibility and ensures road safety. The cylinders detect passing cars via infrared sensors and trigger off the warning lamp. Cars tailing the first are forewarned and can pace their distance accordingly. Depending upon the distance between the two cars, the lamp glows from red (too close) to yellow (close) to green (safe distance), and then ultimately switches off when no cars are around. The idea is to increase road safety via a self-sustainable design.

Designer: Da Wei Xing


  • Ray says:

    This device, or rather system of devices, is specifically designed to keep the drivers’ eyes to the side of the road rather than on it directly. This could, in my opinion, be a possible problem. Of course, as you pointed out, these would be useful during low visibility conditions,

  • SUe says:

    I would think during low visibility conditions the lights by the side of the road would also be less visible.

  • stephen russell says:

    Must for CA PCH1 Hwy, 115 Frwy, Rim of World, Lake Arrowhead, No CA, Sacramento area, SF Bay CA,
    Palmdale, Palm Springs, Hepseria, Hemet
    (any fog covered etc locale) & UK area IE rural areas alone IE fog, rain, etc.
    Must have worldwide.

  • gandg says:

    great idea!!!!! instead of exclamation mark can be display with distance between you and vehicle which is in front of you.

  • Loris says:

    I like the idea, but PLEASE use spell check….

  • Grey says:

    @ Ray – Do you look at street lamps while driving?
    I love the idea, knowing that there’s traffic ahead is always a good thing.

  • Ray says:

    @ Grey,

    Street lamps don’t need to be looked at to function, these do. I’m not saying that this is a bad idea, just that the placement might be wrong. Perhaps using muti-coloured LEDs implanted into the pavement itself. They could be pressure activated and set to timers,

  • Nicu says:

    Does the designer have an website-porfolio, or an e-mail?

  • Rio says:

    here’s a thing:if u r around one of these device and there’s no car in front of u,but one is, let’s say 30m behind u,so, to u, the lamp should be green, but to the one behind u, it is supposed to red,right? so? somebody tells me is this really a problem or i still dont get it?

  • yellowdough says:

    you should try to think of a way to add this idea to the GPS — or even the smart phone devices. good job.

  • Da Wei Xing says:

    I’m sorry about my spelling, so sorry!

  • Da Wei Xing says:

    Yeah! that is a good idea to add this to the GPS or other devices.
    But, I’m warring about the GPS or something else based on the satellite signal still working well, when the weather is not good enough.

  • Da Wei Xing says:

    Yes, as your words, the lights may not be seen during the low visibility conditions. But, there might be not far from this one to the next, 20meters maybe. And, if the condition will be too bad, below 20meters, you know, the highway might be closed.
    If something wrong please let me know.
    Thanks a lot.

  • Debra says:

    Is there any way you might send me a picture with the corrected spelling? I’m working on a blog post about this right now.

    Thanks you very much.

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