Resin and wood transform classic products to give them an otherworldly appeal!

Imagine if our world combined with Pandora (the world from Avatar, not the Box!) and humans and Na’vi got together to create some masterpieces – that is exactly what this collection of ice blue resin and warm wood product designs bring to my mind. Every product’s aesthetics in this collection go for a complete overhaul, with some blue pixie dust added for an almost otherworldly, or even magical upgrade to the traditional designs! Russia based Valutkin Studio has been developing these designs and has gathered a dedicated following of these products on their Instagram Page @barocco, so take a dive through this beautiful and mystical collection of product designs that are sure to add some wonder and awe to your homes!

Radio designs are more nostalgic these days with these iconic products now almost missing from people’s homes. But when you have a radio like this, you will create a space to show it off! Set in blue epoxy resin and balanced with a warm wooden body, this radio is worthy of passing down the generations.

Oakwood and resin combine to create this light! The use of material’s natural color is balanced by the delicate features of this light. A centerpiece when on or off, this light will be an attention grabber. Beware of the shark though and maybe not use it while binge-watching JAWS!

Your EDC should reflect your personality – this blue resin and wood-inspired handle will stand out from the crowd of metal and leather handles. And not to forget, casting resin gives you the perfect opportunity to mold the design ergonomically with ease.

I’m not sure how I would use them but look at how adorable these miniature planes are! Now if only we could have an enlarged version of these to fly around Pandora!

Your gorgeous flowers deserve a beautiful setting. The wooden base offset by the resin gives a translucency to the entire design, reducing the bulkiness of the overall vase design.

Get some northern lights inspired magic to your home with these pillar night lights.

A box used to store your treasures should be like a treasure itself. Using multiple layers of resin to create a depth effect, mimicking the ocean, this box’s artwork is a conversation starter in its own right.

Your car is your prized possession and what better way to personalize it than a resin gear knob? Add this to your car to complement your interiors and let your aesthetics shine!

Your favorite bike design, a walnut wood pedestal, and lights, this lamp design is as personalized as it gets! Even better, you can use any figurine in place of the bike and showcase it.

This resin and wood shaving kit creates the symmetry and highlight in your bathroom. Perfect for gifting, this bespoke shaving kit will be the jewel in your kit.

As a bonus, this synergetic wood and resin whale design will elevate any mantelpiece it is placed on!