Let the supermarket come to you…

Very rarely do you see companies one-upping Amazon. There’s no messing with them, because they have the ability to cripple and then devour companies that come in their way. Having said that, Robomart becomes the David to the Amazon Goliath with their grocery/retail outlet drones.

The autonomous vehicles are pretty simple. Businesses make use of these cars to send their goods/supplies/wares to consumers who need them. A consumer simply taps a button to request a Robomart which pulls up to the location. They pick up the items they wish to purchase and the Robomart intelligently tracks the inventory that’s been picked up, making an itemized invoice and sending it to the consumer. Think of it as an Amazon Go, but you don’t go anywhere. It comes to you. So an Amazon “Come”, if you will…

The Robomarts work using NVidia’s Inception program to run their autonomous fleet. Using a combination of sensors and cameras, both inside and outside the car, the vehicle can move from place to place, allowing people to shop without the need of staff or even a cashier. The car itself can be customized to show off its partner company’s branding, while the shelves on the inside come with customizable tags, allowing you to display anything from baked goods, to fast food, to groceries, to even flowers. The car’s interiors stay refrigerated to make sure your food stays fresh. I hate to say this, but “Your move, Amazon”…

Designer: Robomarts