Antler-inspired Entertainment Awesomeness!


When you treat yourself to a fancy new TV, you’re only option besides hanging it on the wall is to prop it on a bulky, aesthetically-invasive stand! How does that make any sense when TV designs are constantly evolving to be more minimal?! Designed with this in mind, the ELK stand is a barely-there compliment to your entertainment system.

Optimized for QLED Samsung televisions, its fluid geometry and tough aluminum alloy material make it ultra-lightweight and capable of supporting and securing the TV effortlessly. Better yet, an integrated attachment on the back provides different orientations for viewing. This jointed system allows the user to turn it 30° left or right so users can watch from anywhere in the room! So, unless you’re hanging it on the wall (which is generally a costly and time-consuming process especially when hiding wires), this is the best option yet!

Designers: Simone Alborghetti, Luca Brazzale, Simone Chiani & Andrea Pedulli