Strictly for the Adventurer

Kickstarter has spawned a refreshing generation of companies/startups whose prime goal is to be able to design for demand. The products they make are solely driven by what the community is asking for, and aims at creating products that’s true purpose isn’t to turn a profit, but rather to delight consumers first. The Type II proves that VINTA is the kind of company to encourage community-driven innovation. After the success of their S-Series, the Type II builds on feedback, allowing users to do more and do better with their incredibly stylish, weather-proof bags.

Made in the modular format, the bag is heaven-sent for photographers wishing to carry their gear around (safely). The padded modules allow you to segregate and protect your gear, and the ability to modify modules lets you build a bag that suits your needs, be they permanent or ever-changing. You can even ditch the modules for an empty space for your clothes, books, luggage, etc, or carry the removable modular unit as a separate auxiliary bag in itself, depending on the size and nature of your luggage. Along with the modular bag comes the longitudinal Field bag that’s ideal for those bulky telephoto lenses that never seem to fit into your regular camera bags. The modular bag and the longitudinal field bag both fit into the Type II, giving you one consolidated package to carry everything in. Moreover, the three bags can be even used as independent units built to carry any and everything you may need. Designed as an upgrade for the S-Series, the Type II features a larger size that allows it to hold any 15.6″ laptop in its dedicated, easy-to-access laptop sleeve. To secure your expensive gear on the inside, the bag opens only partially from the flap on the front, and has a zipper on the back that lets you fully access its contents, making it easy only for you to access your belongings. EDC pockets on the front and an additional attachment strap on the side lets you carry along accessories to your gear and your life.

The bags come made in tightly woven twill with leather accents that add a dash of color to the bag’s sleek and subtly sexy style. The twill makes each bag waterproof and weatherproof, giving you the ability to go anywhere with your lenses and luggage. If you can survive it, your bag can survive it too! Designed for photographers, but made for everybody, the bags are perfect for a lifestyle of adventure, trekking to and from the studio, the office or the mountains.

Designer: Victor Soto

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Click here to Buy Now: $188.00 $284.00