A super-slim stand that’s as smart as your phone!

Simple, elegant, and effective, the SnapWings sit like a flat strip on your phone, until you press the magic button and the wings pop out, giving your mobile phone a rather useful stand, allowing you to Facetime, watch videos, or do pretty much anything else you’d want to do with your phone propped up.

The SnapWings uses the same phenomenon/mechanism as the YoYo self rolling yoga mats. Its size and universal design allow it to stick to the back of any phone, and its slick design provides the features of a propstand in a format that makes it the world’s slimmest phone stand (not to mention it’s much better looking than those hideous O-ring phone stands), allowing it to slide in and out of your pocket with sheer ease. To get the wings back to their flat position, just press down on both ends and the SnapWings reverts to its flat shape and use your phone like you normally would because you don’t have a massive metal ring stuck to the back of your phone. The SnapWings are useful when you need them, and virtually undetectable when you don’t!

Designer: Dave Lemberg