A Retro-modern Roadster Masterpiece


With its vintage-hip design language, including exposed show tires and a stub-nose front end, the Avanti Gara is reminiscent of prewar speedsters only with a cushy interior that’s undeniably today.

It’s unabashedly designed for the self-indulgent who care less about track times and more about inspiring the imagination through stunning visual appeal and closeness to the road. Its all aluminum body is scattered with rivets and venting including signature 3 dot vents along the side at the rear that provide a focal point as well as ample venting for the engine that sits directly behind the driver. The front hood contains a small storage compartment where you can fit just a few bag or two for your getaway. Leather straps give the exterior a bespoke feel.

As for the inside, it’s all modern luxury with dials and details milled from a single block of copper. The dials themselves are modeled after fine wristwatches. Aside from paddle shifters, the block steering wheel is free of any superfluous buttons or switches, encouraging the driver to fully immerse in the open cockpit driving experience. Unlike over-complicated cockpits of today, the Gara’s is tastefully reduced to the essentials including start/stop function, lights and hazard lights. Despite being quite minimal, it does sport a stereo system reliant on Bluetooth and your phone.

Designer: Ross Compton for Macchina Design