This Tesla Pickup Concept is ‘driving’ me crazy!

It’s a shame that this conceptual Tesla pickup is fan-made, because it’s an absolute beauty! Designed with sheer attention to detail, the pickup is envisioned as a part of Tesla’s Model P series, by Istanbul-based designer, Emre Husmen.

The conceptual Model P 2019 (let’s just call it that for now) is a brilliant exercise in brand and form semantics… that’s a fancy-design-jargon way of saying that it looks exactly like something Tesla would launch. With the beautiful razor thin headlamps and taillamps, the absence of a radiator-grille on the front (thanks to its electric build) and aesthetic features and detailing that are just innately Tesla, the conceptual pickup truck looks both fast and dominating together. It comes with a four-door setup, and a pretty high ground clearance. An off-road Tesla? I’d quite like to see that, Mr. Musk.

Designer: Emre Husmen