Trek Lime Bike – Ride at Your Speed

Lime is for everyone. Designed specifically for the non-cyclist, or the 65% of Americans who currently don’t own or ride a bike. It’s simple, fun and inviting, welcoming you with a well-designed classic look and a natural heads-up riding position. Auto shifting lets you ride at your own speed. When you go faster, the bike upshifts smoothly to the next two gears. When you slow down the bike automatically downshifts, very much like the automatic shifting of your car. It’s the perfect neighborhood bike, a great alternative to the car. With cool extras from Trek that make riding even more fun. Like a comfy seat that pops open to reveal a handy storage space and puncture-proof tires that eliminate flats.

Design: Trek [ Via: Ohgizmo ]


  • P says:

    I think Trek has a great product on their hands. It is a bike, bell and whistle-less, with just the right ammount of designer flair that produces the look of a themed and finished product. I love the single color accents against the stark metal, and the minimalist approach to textual branding (a RARITY in the bike world) The chain/chainring guard also prevents the awful pantleg grease stain for the ride-to-work person. I do wish a fixed-gear, cheaper model was available though- the Lime with it’s fancy hub I believe debuts at around $800, perhaps enough to deter a large percentage of could-be riders from buyng it. Back when I wasn’t into riding, I wouldn’t have spent more than 4-5 hundred bucks on a rig.

  • Kevin says:

    I just bought one of these gems last night. It’s a joy to ride. I wanted a bike to commute to work (3 miles from home) every day. Just wanted to comment that this bike lists for $559, and there’s a Lime LITE for under $500 that’s almost exactly the same thing (compare the two at the Trek website). There IS Trek branding text on the tube–it’s just the same silver color as the tube.

  • kennethhua says:


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