This smart suitcase has a built-in checklist to remind you what to pack!

Genius Pack has slowly and steadily become a pretty hard-to-forget name in the travel-accessories circuit. Not operating like traditional companies like Delsey, Samsonite, Rimowa and such, Genius Pack’s business model has always been a research-driven design company. One of those classic crowd-built crowd-funded companies you hear about that put heavy focus on what the target audience wants, Genius Pack’s suitcases have quite a lot of features you still don’t see in mainstream luggage companies… like a dedicated laundry compartment and a modular mesh-storage wall for your belongings, and even a built-in checklist to make sure you don’t forget any of your belongings!

The Genius Pack Supercharged basically builds on Genius Pack’s idea of the ideal bag. You’ve got a hard-shell suitcase made of PolyCarbonate, the same material used in riot gear, so it can quite literally withstand the abuse luggage usually sees at the hands of airline ground staff. The Supercharged also comes with a TSA-Approved combination lock and packs eight 360° spinner wheels, forming its robust outer build. The Supercharged, as its name suggests, also packs an integrated, removable 10,000 mAhpower bank that charges not just phones but also tablets via its dual-USB port layout, and a universal cable that works with Android and iOS devices.

On the inside the Supercharged sticks to a crowd-favorite layout. It comes with two compartments on either side of the suitcase, separated by an array of mesh-lined pockets for segregating all your mini-accessories, and also features perhaps the greatest innovation of all time… An embedded checklist with all possible products listed on it, so you remember what to pack, and never end up forgetting a belt or a hairbrush because you were in a hurry.

A combination of a couple of good and a handful of revolutionary ideas (I still can’t believe that it comes with a checklist!), the guys at Genius Pack very clearly try to define a set of crowd-faced problems and solve each and every one of them. With a cabin-friendly size and a capacity of 44 liters, the Supercharged is small but utilitarian. It packs a robust build that’s backed by a 5-year warranty, an inbuilt power bank for the modern traveler, and comes with a well designed compartmentalized storage for all your luggage, because with that handy checklist, you’re probably not going to ever forget anything!

Designer: Alfred Chehebar

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The Genius Pack Supercharged is a premium carry on built with a 100% polycarbonate frame, interior category compartments, 2 external USB ports and a TSA-approved 10,000mAh removable Power Pack to recharge smartphones up to 4x.

Designer Alfred Chehebar engineered the interior panel with designated category compartments so you don’t need to think what goes where.

Genius Pack Supercharged has dedicated space for tech, socks and undergarments.

A specialized stretch mesh has been used for the pockets. You’ll be amazed how much will fit in there.

With the secluded laundry compartment, dirty clothes never touch clean clothes and vice-versa.

There are two external USB ports.

The 10,000mAh Power Pack recharges smartphones up to four times and the unit is fully removable to comply with airline standards.

Alfred has designed an all-in-one charging cable to recharge iPhones, Android devices and also recharge the luggage itself. No need to carry adapter tips or separate charging cables.

Ultra light, the bag weighs just 6.8 lbs (3kgs).

The bag comes with eight wheels for an effortless glide.

Reinforced impact resistant corners and external shell made from 100% polycarbonate – the material used in bulletproof products. The bag is also scratch resistant.

There is a built-in garment loop for hanging clothes.

Compression straps keep your contents snug and secure.

Color options include: rose gold, jet black and matte white.

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