Hanging Monorails are Here to Stay


You might remember suspended monorails from the Batman movies, but they’re now up and running in select cities! They’re a fascinating sight from the inside and out. Few and far between, they’re perplexing and new to observe swinging about. Inside, they provide unmatched views of the passing city. This suspended monorail vehicle concept presents additional functionality in the form of harnessed wind energy.

Most noticeably, a large wind turbine at the front transfers air at the nose under the train while also pushing it upward. Other smaller turbines placed throughout the body generate supplemental energy to power internal electronics, wi-fi, power outlets for riders, as well as interior/exterior lighting. Where weather permits, certain cities may opt for the addition of solar panels to further supplement green power and reduce reliance on the primary grid.

Designers: Zbanca Andrei, Zbanca Ion & Martiniuc Victor