The Bear Grylls of the speaker world

Your speaker may be waterproof, but is it ‘use-as-a-piñata’ proof? Or ‘fling-out-your-window’ proof? Is it at least ‘drive-your-car-over-it’ proof? Your speaker may be waterproof, but it won’t ever match up to the DemerBox Indestructible Bluetooth Speaker, which can pretty much survive any scenario it’s in.

Purposed out of a Pelican Case, the DemerBox is close to everything-proof, and works not just as a marvelous wireless speaker but also as a carrying case for essentials while traveling. Stash your meds and EDC inside it, or a six-pack (depending on what you consider essential), the speaker will best every single weather condition with its weatherproof, waterproof, drop-proof, and crushproof construction. The body of the speaker comes made in a combination of PU-foam filled Polypropylene and ABS to make sure the speaker/carrying-case is lightweight yet physically resilient.

As for the speaker itself, it comes with two full-range drivers that cleverly use the case’s hollow insides as a vibration chamber to create a nice rich sound. The Demerbox even comes with a bluetooth range of over 100 feet and a whopping 50 hours of playback on a full charge. Plus since there’s a high chance the speaker’s battery will last longer than your phone’s, the Demerbox allows you to charge your mobile devices too using a USB charging port on the inside.

Drop the bass, drop the DemerBox, do whatever you want to it. The Indestructible Bluetooth Speaker will probably be the last speaker you’ll need to buy!

Designer: DemerBox