Hourglass-shaped table lamp helps you keep track of time using ambient-light!

There’s something very intuitive and interactive about the way the Time Machine Table Lamp is designed. Made to look like an hourglass, the lamp features a freely rotating shade with a central pivot and LEDs on both ends. Switch the lamp on and the LEDs on the upper half of the hourglass illuminate. Over time, the upper half of the hourglass dims down and the lower half begins illuminating, almost as if light particles are passing through the central channel, like grains of sand would.

The Time Machine Table Lamp was designed to help provide an ambient bedside aura of soft light, while allowing you to intuitively gauge time as it passes by. It takes around 60 minutes for the light to transfer from one half of the hourglass to the other, and a simple flip helps reset the entire procedure. It’s a fun-yet-useful way of timing your nightly activities before going to bed… perhaps reading a bedtime story, or sharing stories about your day before hitting the sack. Besides, with its warm, comforting glow and unique interaction, it’s the kind of lamp your eyes AND hands will fall in love with!

The Time Machine Table Lamp is a winner of the K-Design Award for the year 2020.

Designers: Chu Dongdong, Liu Bei, Ren Peng, Lin Rulong & Weng Hang