The Baby’s Day Out Suitcase!

Let’s for one minute step away from the style and storage needs of the single traveler (an area we’ve covered in great depth) and focus on the needs of the traveling family. Traveling with a baby usually presents itself with a completely different set of challenges. You need a high-chair, you need a car-seat if you’re traveling on wheels. Not to mention the fact that you need to have your baby kit with you at all times.

Kamo’s journey to re-design and reimagine products for families begins with the Valeto. The Valeto is a suitcase designed to make traveling a breeze for families. Designed to be the one product around which your toddler’s needs revolve, the Valeto stores all baby-essentials in a manner that segregates yet makes them easy to access, and the feature that beats other features… the Valeto turns into a high-chair at the pull of two levers (that then go on to become the armrests of the high chair). Designed in light-weight aerospace grade aluminum, the Valeto’s legs push out sideways, elevating the suitcase ever so slightly to turn it into a chair that supports over 120lbs of weight. Using an industrial grade rail system, the Valeto makes sure that when in chair-mode, the hubless-wheels don’t touch the ground, so that the suitcase is never in the danger of rolling away. The telescoping trolley-handle at the back even conceals a backrest for the baby, while a table in front allows you to feed your child while on the move. The Valeto even comes with seat-belts to secure your child in place, just like any high-chair.

As for the suitcase itself, aside from the aluminum components, the Valeto is made from toxin-free, BPA-free plastic. It has an in-built storage unit on the side that allows you to access wet-wipes from outside the suitcase, letting you clean down your suitcase/high-chair hybrid to keep it germ free for your child to sit on. Its white exterior even allows you to spot any dirt that may be lurking on it, letting you keep it spot free at all times. On the inside, modular removable trays allow you to keep everything at arm’s length, whether inside or outside the bag. Designed for all sorts of travel, the Valeto is even sized perfectly to allow it to be taken on-board a flight as cabin luggage.

Valeto aims at being the one thing every parent owns, like a car-seat or a diaper changing table. Designed for short family excursions, long holidays, or to even use at home, the Valeto makes travel easier for parents with youngsters so you can wanderlust together as a family!

Designer: Tony Chen of Kamo

Click here to Buy Now: $259.00 $399.00










Click here to Buy Now: $259.00 $399.00