This smart nightlight helps you remotely take care of your loved ones… without any cameras

CareAlert is a brilliant example of a design that’s extremely aware of its target audience. This night-light helps you monitor and take care of the elderly, but it does so in a way that doesn’t require the elderly to be tech-literate, and it doesn’t use cameras either. The CareAlert and its wide host of sensors help you be aware of the wellbeing of your elderly loved ones. The sensors do a multitude of things, from tracking temperature, air quality, and humidity, to sensing motion, light, and vibrations. Without using cameras or microphones, invading privacy, or capturing any actionable data, the CareAlert gives you a comprehensive overview of your elderly relatives through its smartphone app. Helping you understand if they slept alright, woke up on time, or if and when they went outdoors to run basic errands. Disguised as a simple night-light that plugs into a power socket, the CareAlert is an incredibly well-designed solution that’s relevant to its audience, and respects their privacy too.

Installing CareAlert is as simple as just plugging it into a power socket and setting up the CareAlert Dashboard on your smartphone. If your folks live in a larger home, you may want to plug one into the important rooms of the house, covering a wider area. Once plugged in, CareAlert helps you be there for your folks and monitor/take-care of them without being overly intrusive. Giving them the independence to go about their lives, while allowing you to stay informed of their health and their space, CareAlert does a much more effective job than webcams, smart speakers, or other smart home devices that essentially spy on people by capturing sensitive data. Unlike other smart home devices, CareAlert comes with a one-time cost and a free lifetime monitoring service, requiring zero subscription fees or periodic payments.

CareAlert essentially only monitors two things – movement, and surroundings. Given that elder-folk often live their life in a routine, the CareAlert picks up on it, letting you know if they woke up at an odd hour in the middle of the night, or if they overslept. The motion sensors track movement, giving you an overview of their activity, while other sensors help you monitor their immediate environment, knowing if there’s a change in air quality, temperature, humidity, etc. Install a CareAlert near the door and you’ll even know when they step out and when they got back home. Built into the CareAlert device is a two-way intercom too. You can call your parents/relatives through the CareAlert app and the night-light essentially becomes a speakerphone, allowing you to communicate with them if you can’t get through to them any other way. Moreover, you can even set up voice-message reminders for them, playing back a pre-recorded message to remind them to take their pills after lunch or dinner, or to call you before going to bed. The CareAlert isn’t intrusive, but it fosters communication when necessary, allowing you to remotely stay informed and in touch.

The beauty of the CareAlert lies in the fact that it recognizes its audience well. Designed as an innocuous (and helpful) night-light, the CareAlert doesn’t require the elderly to wear a wearable and constantly have to charge it, or require them to interact with interfaces that can often seem daunting to them. It does its job silently, needs no maintenance, all while also protecting their privacy and celebrating their independence!

Designer: Sensorcall

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CareAlert – Always Know That Your Parents Are Safe

Winner of the CES 2020 Innovation Award, the CareAlert is a smart nightlight that detects potential problems and helps verify that your parents are okay at all times.

No camera or recording audio – Monitor daily routine non-intrusively, with sensors that learn normal patterns and behaviors over time.

Wellbeing dashboard on your phone – With the Wellness Dashboard, you can review everything CareAlert senses at a glance. See levels of activity, comfort, and environmental quality.

Detects humidity, air quality changes or unsafe room temperatures – If something doesn’t seem right, CareAlert will alert you immediately, connecting you with its two-way communicator so you can check in.

CareAlerts knows if your parents are going about their daily routine, or not – Multiple sensors learn the daily routines, so CareAlert can alert you when unusual behavior or activity happens.

Communicate in real-time, without relying on phones – Instant hands-free answering works like an intercom.

Send or schedule medication reminders – No need for pillboxes. Set custom pre-recorded voice reminders for medicines and dosage.

All you have to do is plug it in – It looks just like a nightlight! In the event of a power outage, it can be used as a battery-powered emergency light.

A visual reminder of family love – Grandchildren can use the CareAlert app to let their grandparents that they’re being thought of. With the push of a button on the app, CareAlert’s light blinks.

How it Works

Click Here to Buy Now: $99 $152 (34% off). Hurry, only 5 left!