Future Of Washing

A trip down the aisle of washing machines in an appliance store tells you that not much innovation has come about in the design language of these machines. Innova hopes to rectify this with its futuristic design language and innovative techniques. This washer-dryer concept uses only steam for cleaning, and consumes much less water compared to the current crop. Thanks to its ergonomic design, the drum of the machine is perched at an angle and gives a better view inside.

The extra-large transparent door and rear glass window give a very clear view of the cleaning process. The absence of a conventional interface only means that you need to use an app on your smart device to control it. The color of the feedback light in the door’s inner ring indicates the stage of the cleaning process.


  • A pipe connector delivers water to Innova, which is converted to steam and pumped into the drum through nozzles during the washing cycle.
  • The steam cleans and sterilizes the fabric.
  • For the drying process, the drum is heated and the water that is vaporized from the fabric is released through the ventilation grills at the rear top part of the machine.
  • A detachable ‘fragrance box’ allows scent to be delivered into the drum during the process with the help of the steam.

Innova is 2013 red dot award: design concept winner.

Designer: Rinaldo Filinesi