A Fabric Faraday Cage for your Smart-devices


At the risk of sounding like a fear-mongering conspiracy theorist, it is true that the device that connects you to the whole world also connects the whole world to you. Your search history is monitored, your internet activity tracked for targeting advertisements, and even more scarily, there are companies and individuals who can track the whereabouts of your internet-connected devices, switching on the microphone or camera remotely.

Now in this morbid world, there are a few who battle for the sake of privacy safety. Zuckerberg’s photo went absolutely viral, prompting people to put tape on their laptop webcam, lest it be hacked into. People are even actively investing in RFID wallets that help prevent hackers from stealing card data, however, the phone, the most used item in the world, still remains the most vulnerable. It holds your pictures, your bank details, your passwords, it stays on you all the time, giving away your location, access to your camera, and even your microphone, allowing people to snoop in on your day to day life.

That’s what birthed the RFID Faraday Pocket Carry and Utility Pouch. Designed to not leave any stone unturned, this pocket case is a case with a special material lining that completely blocks all external connections to your smart devices. A Faraday cage made of fabric, if you will. Designed to block out all frequencies from 100kHz to 5GHz, pretty much stopping anyone or thing from monitoring your calls, hacking your Wi-fi, stealing your sensitive data, accessing your location, camera, or microphone. When your device is inside the Faraday Pocket Carry, your life is truly private. Along with the Faraday Pocket Carry is the Faraday Utility Pouch for larger electronic devices from laptops to tablets. Made out of weatherproof leather, with a military grade Faraday Protectant double inner-lining, the Pocket Carry and Utility Pouch can store everything from your phones and laptops to your smartwatch, wallet, passport, to even your electronic car key-fobs.

The RFID Faraday Carry and Pouch battle the notion that in order to be safe, one needs to forego one’s privacy. With super-companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon having access to your private data and the NSA running programs like Prism to maintain tabs on the taxpayers they vow to protect, it only makes sense that we as consumers and citizens we embrace our need to keep certain aspects of our life private when we want to, be it a family moment, a getaway holiday, a business meeting, or just regular day-to-day life. The RFID Faraday Pocket Carry and Utility Pouch put the control of your privacy back in your hands!

Designer: Vincent Ho

Click here to buy the complete set: $99.00



The RFID Faraday Pocket Carry is perfect for when you are traveling or just want an organizer for all your essentials. On the left hand side there are two RFID pockets for passports and wallets. On the right hand side, there is a larger stash pocket and a magnetic faraday compartment that is large enough to hold up to three iPhone 7+ phones. In total, the RFID Faraday Pocket Carry measures 190mm x 120mm.



When you need to blackout larger devices, the RFID Faraday Utility Pouch is an absolute must-have. Designed for bigger jobs, the oversized signal jammer will simultaneously keep all your devices invisible. This is an oversized leather roll-top RFID Faraday cage.





Click here to buy the complete set: $99.00