Wood-enclosed power supply box is designed to be seen

Power strips and extension cords are now an unavoidable part of modern life. Unless you have custom-designed furniture, there will always be cases when you have too few power outlets or ones that are too far from your desk to matter. Unfortunately, these power supply accessories haven’t exactly evolved in terms of design, or at least most of them still look like appliances from the 90s rather than anything that fits modern aesthetics. Hiding these power sources has become an important part of the so-called cable management problem, which is often a source of tension and headache for some people. There are, thankfully, a few that try to embrace more pleasing designs, like this power supply box that thinks outside the box, pun intended, so that you don’t have stress over hiding it and instead proudly show it off on your desk or shelf.

Designer: OFS

Genuine wood isn’t often used as a material in many electronics, mostly because of its poor thermal handling, making it warp and deform over time due to heat. That and it’s a potential fire hazard, making it unsuitable for many devices. That doesn’t mean, however, that it can’t be used as a chassis or covering in a safe manner, especially if it can significantly change the character of a product from utilitarian to humane.

The Willow Power Supply is one such design that employs the warmth and natural beauty of wood to uplift the image of an ordinary extension cord from a tool to a decorative object. While most power strips and extension cords are painfully hidden behind or even under desks, Willow stands proudly on top. More than just boasting rights, however, this also means quick and easy access to those essential ports for your computer and devices.

Willow is available in a combination of beech or walnut shells and clear or black power boxes, though the best combination is the beech and clear or white box since it clearly brings out the beauty of the wood complimented by the minimalism of the power supply. The box itself has very little detail save for the outlet and ports in front and the braided cord coming out of its back.

While the Willow Power Supply might delight as an aesthetic product, it might disappoint as an actual power supply. There is only one power outlet, one USB-A port, and a lone USB-C port, a very basic and perhaps inadequate number for today’s needs. At $250, it does give off a feeling of being more like a designer product than one that’s made for power users, more for casual use than heavy-duty workstations. Either way, there is little doubt it adds a bit of accent to any workspace, especially matching minimalist designs with wooden furniture.