Don’t Stresso with this Espresso

The past few years have seen the coffee brew devices market explode thanks to the likes of Kickstarter and Indiegogo. You can now enjoy the same well-rounded flavor from your local barista straight from the machine or you can replicate this on top of a mountain, your pick. I think I’ll go with the machine, but the fact that the option is there – that’s amazing. With these advances made, it would appear the market seems to have nailed down the fundamentals and are now striving to make better-looking products.

Staresso is certainly the ones making strides in the right direction with their espresso maker. Having won a Red Dot, this gorgeous espresso maker really does stand out from the crowd. Simple to use and elegantly designed, this device can be used in an array of locations from the office and house, to the great outdoors and business trips – and above all the Staresso Espresso Maker requires no special maintenance and due to its open design, it makes cleaning the device easy and quick. The thought process for this product doesn’t just stop at the device, the packaging reflects the design choices of the product and completes a well-rounded package fit for any coffee lover.

Designer: Staresso